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Condos, Town Homes & Houses / Villas in the Disney area of Florida.

There is a wide variety of vacation properties for sale in areas all around Disney as well as price ranges to fit all budgets. Below is just a small sample of what is for sale in the communities around Disney. Please use my request for information link to send me any questions you may have. I can also send you  additional properties for you to view within your price range and criteria.  

Condos and town homes can range from the low $100's in good communities on up into the $300,000.00 to $500,000.00 price range depending on the location.

Vacation homes have a very wide verity of price ranges. Pricing does depend on if the home is located in a gated community or non-gated community for starters. Non-gated communities are normally less money then gated communities. Most vacation home buyers prefer gated communities for the security for both the family and the home when it is not in use.

Pricing in non-gated communities and communities outside the 15 mile distance from Disney (if you are considering the Disney area) will start in the high $100's to low to mid $200's also depending on the community. The better gated communities will start in the low to mid $200's depending on how many bedrooms you require. Price ranges can go up into the millions. 

Vacation homes can have from 3-4 bedrooms up to 20 bedrooms or more. This will also depend on your needs and price range. I can sell vacation homes in all categories. I have spoken to many vacation home buyers and one of the first questions they ask me is "why do you need a home with 20 bedrooms?" My answer is that 6 bedroom homes and  larger are income producing properties, not just a vacation home for the family.  Normally investors target these homes for investments.

Most families purchase and enjoy a vacation home from 4 to 10 bedrooms.

This link will show you the 5 Levels of Investment 
Properties and Communities in the Disney area.

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