Villa 4 Less Florida Management Services

No Escrow Deposits, No Termination Fees, No bull, No small print, No shoddy service, No lengthy contracts, No Junk Fees just good old fashioned service!

Whether you are a first time buyer embarking on your Florida home adventure or a seasoned and perhaps disillusioned homeowner looking to change your existing management company you will find that we at Villa4Less will come as a breath of fresh air!

Our company has American and British partners so we have a good understanding of our home owners needs from both sides of the pond!

We are currently seeking further homes to satisfy the increase in rental enquiries that we have been receiving.

We fully understand that this is a very competitive industry in the Central Florida area and appreciate that we have to devote ourselves to our business, guests and clients in order to thrive.

We therefore base our fundamental policies on honesty, openness and integrity.

We have a simple contract with our home owners stating each party’s responsibilities written in a way that everyone can understand. No sneaky clauses, no long term commitment, if you are not happy with our services then simply give us 30 days notice with no penalties or cancellation fees.

Forward thinking company

We have the latest state of the art software and reservation system. Guests can book a home on line directly from our website with just a few clicks. Home owners can also enter their own bookings on the software, view statements etc.

Homes are listed on multiple websites to increase probability of someone viewing your home. We answer rental enquiries immediately and work extremely hard at obtaining quality bookings for your home.

We care about the detail! 

We take great care with all of the owners guests and don't just book them in and forget about them. We always make contact throughout their stay to make sure everything is in order. Having this personal relationship means that we know each home intimately and can provide a much more personal service for our owners and guests. This in turn leads to many repeat guests; some have been using our homes for their vacations and business trips for many years.

Your home will be well maintained and cleaned. We offer a one stop shop for vacation home management with much of the maintenance carried out “in house” which will save you money.

 We tell it like it is!!!

Many other companies will promise what ever you want to hear just to get you on their books for management. We will answer any questions you have with honesty, openness and integrity. Often the answer you hear will not be the one you hoped for or expected but we want to start off as we mean to go on with no hidden or misleading statements or claims, promises that cannot be fulfilled, unrealistic claims of rental returns etc. 

Types and choices of management companies 

There are many management companies in the area but very few actually invest any time or money in advertising or promoting the homes that they manage. Many will tell you that they do not “get into that side of things” or that they will “put your home on our website”.  Most of you with your own website will already know the chances of a potential guest actually hitting your website are very, very slim, just do a Google search for Florida villa or similar and see how many pages come up !!

At the other end of the scale you will come across the “guaranteed rental” companies that will “guarantee” a certain number of weeks or a rental income amount per year. The latter is obviously the most appealing to home owners but the income derived from the bookings is generally very low as they are sourced via the major tour operators who negotiate the rates down very low. They will often restrict your own use of the home as well. They will also only want to book all of the peak periods out which you could probably do yourself anyway. And typically any “guaranteed income” is quickly swallowed up with additional costs. Please also be aware that a number of these companies have gone under in the last couple of years leaving home owners and guests seriously out of pocket. 

 We like to place ourselves somewhere in the middle. We pay to advertise our owners’ homes on the best advertising websites and constantly looking and trying other websites on which to promote our owner’s homes.  This ensures a steady stream of quality enquiries and more importantly at a fair market price. We do also deal with some travel agents and booking agents as well as other management companies. This means that our owners’ homes obtain a good mix of bookings from different sources.

Go on, give us a call or drop us an e mail, we would love to hear from you!!


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